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To be successfully proctored by TeacherMatch, you will need the following:
Minimum Recommended Your Settings
Browser Version Internet Explorer 10
Chrome 30.0.1581.2
Firefox 45.0
Safari 5.1.5
Internet Explorer 11
Chrome 37.0.2041
Firefox 51.0
Safari 5.1.7
Pop-up Enabled Enabled
PDF Plugin Available Available
Cookies Enabled Enabled
Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility
We recommend that you do not upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 at this time, especially on Windows 7.
Internet Explorer Users
For an optimal experience with the TeacherMatch Platform, please use *Chrome, Firefox, or Safari*. Some images and items may not display properly using Internet Explorer.
Take a picture of any one of these:
  1. Valid, unexpired, U.S. photo driver license or photo ID card
  2. Valid, unexpired, license from another country
  3. Valid, unexpired, United States passport
  4. Valid, unexpired, active duty, retiree, or reservist military ID card
  5. Valid, unexpired, United States passport
  6. Valid, unexpired, foreign passport

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